Fineblanking is a triple action precision blanking process that uses presses to cold extrude metal parts into near “net shape” reducing expensive secondary finishing operations. Consistent flatness, complex shapes and profiles, true position, and superior edge condition. Higher precision at lower cost.

Conventional Stamping

Highly repeatable progressive and transfer stamping. All conventional stamping in Queretaro, Mexico. Press tonnages from 150T to 1500T. Competitive pricing.

Equipment overview

41 fineblanking presses ranging from 150T-1000T located in the US and Mexico.

0.1mm flatness tolerance held out of the press.

Strip widths from 40mm to 450mm

Part size up to 420mm

Thickness: 0.75mm-16mm steel, 20+mm Aluminum

Low and Medium Carbon steels, HSLA , Bi-metal, Copper, Inconel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum

6 Conventional Stamping presses 150T-1500T (transfer and progressive) located in Mexico Strip widths from 26 mm to 1375mm Thickness: 0.3 to 7.5 mm Part size up to 1500mm Low and Medium Carbon steels, HSLA , Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Double disc grinding(Horizontal and Vertical), Blanchard grinding, Paddle grinding 30% flatness improvement per pass down to 40 microns Hard and soft grinding capability
Die roll removal and improve profile of critical surfaces to 40 microns
Hole size and cylindricity improvement down to 20 microns
Assembly solutions including riveting, staking, and welding (Laser, Capacitance Discharge, MIG).
Deburring: Belt sanding, Brushing, Coining, Tumbling cells
Flatness and surface profile improvement beyond grinding capabilities down to 5 microns.
CNC machining: size and location down to 30 microns Turning Milling
Multi cavity progressive tooling Transfer tooling In house die design Build and maintenance.
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