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In 1969 MPI was founded as a pioneer of the fineblanking industry in the United States. MPI has established itself as a global leader and highly specialized supplier of fineblanked components and continues to be a pioneer in innovative die design, process engineering and customer service.

MPI is the largest fineblanking organization in North America, with respect to dollar volume sold, number of employees, and concentration of heavy tonnage fineblanking equipment. Each facility is a center of excellence, focusing on individual product specialties. MPI products all begin with a fineblanking basis. To provide our customers with the finished components, assemblies, and systems required in industry today, MPI offers a diversity of value-added options.

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Fineblanking is a high-precision, near-net process combining principles of metal stamping and cold-forming. Different from conventional metal stamping, fineblanking incorporates the use of special triple action presses. Three concurrent forces - clamping pressure, blanking pressure, and counter pressure - act in conjunction to extrude parts from strip or coil material. Learn More

Value-Added Finishing
Products produced by MPI begin with the fineblanking process. To support the extended needs of our customers, MPI offers full service finishing and assembly capabilities. These services include: Assembly, Double-Disk Grinding, Finegrinding, Blanchard Grinding, Lapping, Deburring, CNC Machining, Broaching, Tapping, Honing, Orbital Forming, Calibrating, Welding and more. Learn More

Engineering, Design & Technical Support
Whether design requirements are basic in nature or require extensive collaboration, MPI is committed to working with our customers to develop programs that best meet our customers' needs. Each MPI operation hosts full tool-build services. Combining years of experience with routine investment in technology and training, tool manufacture remains an area of expertise at MPI.
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